10 Best Websites, Apps and Tips to Resell Your Clothes Online

how to resell your clothes online tips best sites to sell online

These days, having a full closet is not surprising. After all, you have to consider clothes for different seasons, occasions, and trends.

But trends come and go, and while we wear some clothes multiple times, many of them lay forgotten at the back of our closets. Not to mention how our style also changes over time.

Most of us are familiar with the idea of getting rid of an old clothing item when we get a new one, but only a few people act on it.

The good news is that now you can sell your old clothes and make some money! Here’s why you should sell your clothes and the best ways to sell used clothes online.

Why Selling Old Clothes Online Is Good for the Planet

The benefit of selling your used clothes extends beyond your bank account: it also benefits the environment. Approximately half of the increase in landfills filled with clothes can be attributed to the fast fashion industry.

Manufacturers often make millions of products to satisfy the demand for the latest trends. However, they also have to make their clothing affordable so that it will sell. The clothing quality often suffers as a result.

Most of them get thrown away without a thought when they get worn out and end up in landfills. Keeping your used clothes out of landfills, which are already suffering, reduces the environmental impact. Plus, someone else can make use of them.

10 Top Sites for Selling Used Clothes Online

Online is one of the best ways to sell clothes you don’t use anymore.

There are now several apps, websites, and online marketplaces that make this possible.

There is no guarantee that your clothes will sell, but if they’re in good condition, there’s no reason they won’t. Vintage and secondhand clothing shoppers love browsing these sites, so you could make some good cash too!

Let’s look at the top ten sites for selling old clothes online:

how to resell your clothes online tips best sites to sell online

1 - thredUP - Best Low Maintenance Selling

ThredUp is one of the most accessible websites to use to sell your used clothes. Order a Clean Up Kit from the website and send them all the clothes you want to sell. They’ll take care of the rest! They sort the clothes out, determine what they can sell, and give you the option to either recycle what doesn’t sell or return the items to you.

2 - Poshmark - Best For Trendier/Brand Items

Poshmark is a website and app for trendy clothing brands that are popular on the market.

You will have to upload photos of your items and manage your sales. Poshmark handles the shipping by sending you a prepaid shipping label to use on any box to ship the goods.

This makes the entire process quick and easy, and Poshmark charges a 20% commission on your overall sales. Poshmark has also recently launched the “Live Auction” feature, where you can generally score some good deals.

3 - Kidizen - Best For Used Kid's Clothing

Everyone knows how fast kids outgrow their clothes. Sometimes they only wear things once before you have to get rid of them. This is where Kidizen comes in as one of the best ways to sell used clothes. You set up a store and upload pictures of the kid’s clothing items you wish to sell. The best part is that Kidizen only takes a 12% commission on your sales.

4 - The Real Real - Best for Designer Clothing

The RealReal is a high-end consignment store where people can buy and sell luxury brand’s secondhand items. The REAL also offers a selective concierge service where it hand-picks, authenticates, photographs, and lists the items for sale on the website or delivers them to one of its 19 stores. The platform can decide to discount your items to up to 20% off and takes a 30-50% commission cut. Make sure to keep this in mind when choosing this platform.

5 - Depop - Best for unique pieces and Gen-Z

Depop is an online marketplace that allows you to buy and sell all sorts of things. Typically oriented more towards Gen-Z with many unique pieces, Depop is one of the most popular apps for buying and selling used items online. You don’t need to register to start listing items; there are no fees.

There are lots of different ways you can make money on Depop. For example, if you’re into fashion, you could sell clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, and more. If you like interior design, you could sell furniture, lamps, rugs, kitchenware, and more. And if you’re into art, you could sell paintings, posters, sculptures, prints, and more.

6 - eBay - Best for Household items

Whether you’re hoping to make money off designer clothes or tchotchkes you have around the house, eBay is often the way to find interested buyers at reasonable prices.

EBay has long been a popular destination for thrifters and bargain hunters looking for great deals. Items worldwide are listed on the auction platform, with millions of buyers actively participating in sales daily. Even better, eBay offers free listings for the first 200 auction-style listings, with only $0.30 added to each additional one afterward. On top of that, sellers pay only a 10.2 percent fee on the total price of their item.

7 - Tradesy.com - Best for Luxury Clothing

Tradesy has established itself as an easy and efficient way to sell. With their complimentary image-enhancing feature, you can increase the visibility of your items and have them seen by more potential buyers. In addition, once you have chosen a price for your item, Tradesy will deduct a flat commission fee of $7.50 for anything under $50 or 19.8% for items over $50.

Their spokeswoman Laurie Trott says that handbags and sunglasses are some of the most popular categories, with people also starting to look for 90s and Y2K-era luxury pieces.

8 - Vinted - Best for International Selling

Vinted is a fashion-focused platform perfect for those looking to sell their used clothes. Vinted allows customers to shop for women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, footwear, accessories, and more worldwide. Its many features make Vinted a great way to find unique clothing at an affordable price while helping others turn unwanted items into cash.

The online platform has no fees or expenses for sellers, allowing them to retain 100% of their profits. This makes it a top choice for selling clothing online.

Vinted has also made it easy on buyers, as they are only charged $0.70 per purchase plus five percent of the final price for “Buyer Protection.”

9 - Facebook Marketplace - Best for Local

Facebook launched its Marketplace in 2017.

Facebook Marketplace allows users to make money from their daily use of the popular social media site. Marketplace allows you to create a listing that people can see even if there are not logged in to the platform. Even better, Marketplace also offers a secure payment method with PayPal, credit cards, and Apple Pay and set up a pickup option if they prefer to avoid meeting up locally. In addition, many sellers can use a trusted shipping service to deliver their items safely and quickly.

10 - Grailed.com - Best for Menswear

Grailed is an excellent marketplace that can be leveraged by men of all styles and budgets who want to make money while offloading unwanted items. The experience is very hands-on, as you will provide the photos, set prices, and handle each item’s shipping once it sells. Items offered on Grailed can range from luxury designers to streetwear and mass-market brands all the way up to vintage clothing pieces. You control every aspect of the selling process – so it’s essential to take good-quality pictures that accurately depict each item and set prices that reflect its actual value.

how to resell your clothes online tips best sites to sell online

Best Tips for Selling Clothes Online

Online clothing sales can be an excellent way to earn some extra cash. The key to selling your used clothes is to attract buyers.

But while it’s easy to create a listing online, there are still some important tips to keep in mind when selling your old clothes online:

Quality Photos

The priority is uploading high-quality photos to the selling platform. You don’t need a professional photographer to do it, but it is vital to take good pictures with proper lighting that showcase the clothes properly.

Think about what you like to see in an online store when you shop. Photos from different angles that show the item’s quality are also essential. People buying used clothes must know they are in good condition and wearable.


Giving the garment’s exact measurements will also help the buyer determine whether it will fit them. Let’s be honest: nobody wants to go through the hassle of returning the item if the size isn’t correct.

Title and Description

The product title and description you share are vital in attracting potential customers to your items. They are the first thing that people usually see besides the picture. Try to be creative to get their attention and include all the terminology buyers would use to search for that specific item.


Selling used clothes is a good side hustle, but prices must be fair. You can do some research to get an idea of the price of used clothes.

There is also the issue of shipping costs to consider. Again, it is more convenient for people to purchase items that already include shipping costs.

So, carefully consider which site has the best shipping deals and whether your prices are appropriate.


People interested in buying the items will contact you through your website or any other site you use to sell them. This is normal, as they want to get more information regarding the quality and condition of the clothing.

It is best to answer these questions quickly, politely, and honestly to give them peace of mind about making a purchase.

Final Thoughts on selling Your unwanted clothes online

Buying and selling the unwanted clothes that are sitting in your wardrobe is an innovative way to declutter your closet, help the environment, and earn a little extra cash at the same time.

Sustainable fashion is what we should be working towards. Sell your old clothes and keep them out of landfills by giving them a longer life cycle.

And the best part is that someone else gets to enjoy them just as much as you did!

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