Is Starbucks Coffee Organic?

Is Starbucks Coffee Organic

We seriously doubt there is anyone in the world who doesn’t know and love Starbucks.

With a store drive-through being located at the end of almost every street corner, it is super convenient and offers a wide range of drinks and food.

But, is the coffee they use organic?

In this article, we discover if the coffee used by Starbucks is organic and why the global conglomerate is loved so dearly (Wondering why organic foods are so much more expensive? Read more about it here).

With everyone fleeing to Starbucks over independent coffee shops, there must be something special about their products.

Let’s get into it

Is Starbucks Coffee Organic?

Throughout the day you can hear people discussing their plans to attend a Starbucks for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner

It is a great place for people to socialize and to top up on caffeine and sugar.

However, their coffee is not completely organic. Which is typically fine as the brand has never claimed to be.

Some of the coffee beans used by the brand are organic such as the ones on offer to be sold either whole or ground for home use.

But if you are looking for a coffee shop that offers completely organic coffee, you may want to step away from the hype and find somewhere else.

What Coffee Does Starbucks Use?

100% Arabica coffee beans are used by Starbucks. The coffee is well known for its high levels of acidity, which produce a rich, complex flavor.

At the moment, Starbucks gets its coffee from Asia, South America, and Africa.

All of your favorite Starbucks beverages, such as the Frappuccino, latte, and decaf espressos, are made using Arabica coffee.

Why Is Starbucks Not Using Organic Coffee?

When you enter a Starbucks store you can easily feel overwhelmed by the menu.

There is a large variety of caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks, foods, snacks, and merchandise available.

Starbucks would need to make sure every ingredient they use gets organic certification in order for it to be considered organic.

This certification is obviously one that is provided at the source of the raw goods to certify that they were produced in accordance with organic standards.

In order for Starbucks to be completely organic, everything they use would have to be naturally sourced and grown, including:

  • The syrups
  • The creams
  • The coffee beans
  • The milk
  • The chocolate
  • And any other product included on their menu.

It would also mean having to increase the price of their products in order to ensure they were remaining within organic guidelines.

Meaning Starbucks would lose a large portion of its customers as its prices are already considered higher than their competitors.

Is Starbucks Fairtrade?

While Starbucks may not be completely organic, they are extremely proud of offering 100% Fair Trade products.

Fair Trade is described as “trade between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries in which fair prices are paid to the producers.”

It is most commonly seen in products such as chocolate, cocoa, coffee beans, and certain fruits.

Fair Trade was created to ensure that farmers from developing countries were given sufficient payment for their labor and products in other areas of the world. And Starbucks is part of that.

One of the first American businesses to sell Fair Trade Certified coffees was Starbucks, which started doing so in 1988.

By guaranteeing that farmers receive a fair price for their coffee and enabling them to make investments in their farms and communities, this initiative supports farmers and their families.

Through programs like the Starbucks Coffee & Farmer Equity (C&FE) Practices Pilot Program and the CAFE Practices program, Starbucks is also making a lot of effort to increase the financial opportunities for farmers.

Is Starbucks Coffee Organic

Are There Organic Coffee Options?

Starbucks may not be completely organic but it does have some organic coffee options.

They have various coffee beans that are packaged for home use such as the Starbucks Organic French Roast and the Starbucks Organic Yukon.

In terms of decaf coffee, only the Decaf Italian Roast and the Decaf Komodo Dragon Blend are completely organic.

Starbucks makes their decaf coffee using the direct contact method and the Swiss water procedure.

It’s important to be aware that decaffeinated coffee may still have traces of caffeine.

Does Starbucks Coffee Have Toxins?

In recent years, there has been concern over whether Starbucks coffee contains coffee that is harmful to the body.

It is important to know remember that all coffee beans contain toxins to some degree.

Coffee beans’ level of toxicity is mostly a result of how they are grown and processed.

In general, specialty coffee beans are less likely to be tainted with toxins than coffee beans that are mass-produced.

To make sure that their coffee beans are as secure as possible, Starbucks has put in place extensive quality control procedures.

Additionally, pollutants and poisons are routinely screened for in Starbucks coffee. There is no need to question if Starbucks coffee is safe to consume as a result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Starbucks Coffee Good For You?

With coffee beans coming from the Earth, it is not the worst thing you can put into your body.

However, Starbucks coffee does contain a higher level of caffeine which, if consumed to excess, can lead to interrupting your sleep cycle, anxiety and addiction.

Is Starbucks Coffee Chemical Free?

Ultimately, no. Starbucks coffee is not organic and is sprayed with pesticides to prolong it’s shelf life.

However, pesticides do have a low toxicity level and are often harmless to humans.

Final Thoughts

While there are many benefits to drinking organic coffee, you are not going to experience them by ordering your triple shot lattee at your local Starbucks.

The brand is known for being quick, efficient, and offer a slight degree of luxury.

If you are looking for organic coffee you may have to purchase their beans for home use or find another independent coffee shop for your warming caffeine fix.

Starbucks do pride themselves on being involved in the Fair Trade market meaning you are always making a difference when you purchase their coffee.

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